Our Advantage


HS SMART team is committed to designing and developing microdrive systems for many years and providing drive system solutions for customers.


HS SMART has developed the cavity parameterization calculation software for gearbox with many years of experience. The software can directly generate gear contours, which is used for modifying and improve gear precision.

Machining Center

HS SMART has many machining equipments, such as AGIE wire cutting machine, AGIE EDM, Sodick wire cutting machine, MAKINO, FANUC, RODGERS, HAMAI hobbing machine, WAHLI, to improve machining accuracy.

Quality Control

HS SMART has 3D Measuring Instruments, Germany Werth testers, Japan OAKS Seimitsu CLP-35 and OAKS Gear testers, OGP plane testers, Switzerland METTLER TOLEDO Thermo Gravimetric Analyzers and other testers, which greatly improves quality of products.

Gear Testing Center

Gear test centre mainly tests spur gears, helical gears, worm gear and internal gear tooth profile error (adjacent, single, cumulative) and radial runout, then generate test reports.


HS SMART attaches great importance to the improvement of molding technology and the optimization of rapid production transformation.

Dynamic simulation and finite element analysis

In the gear and gearbox design phase, kinematics simulation is used to verify the stability and local interference of the gear pair motion.

Gear surface stress analysis of modified cylindrical gear

Adopting to the finite element analysis technology, HS SMART can analyze the strength for the arc gear and bevel gear and verify the reliability.

The cavity pressure technique

The cavity pressure technology is to install a pressure sensor in the mold cavity and the pressure curve can be used to detect the change of the cavity pressure during the injection molding process, reflecting the injection molding process and monitoring the product quality.