17G torque plastic gear analog servo

dead band:2us
working frequence:1520us / 330hz
operating voltage: DC4.8~6.0V
operation speed(4.8V):0.12sec/60 degrees
operation speed(6.0v):0.1sec/60 degrees
stall torque(4.8V):14g.cm
stall torque(6.0v):17g.cm
connector wire length: JR180mm
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  • appearance

    1.made of by matte plastic shell, have different top mid bottom shell assembled it,
    the finished is very smooth
    2. output diameter of gearing is 5mm(the most common used on the market is 4mm),
    optimized gear structure, get output torque better
    3.3 P wire used high quality silicon material, compared with the common PVC wire
    this 3p wire is more wonderful on the shape and performance and lifespan

  • the core electronic element
    1.the motor is top tech customized high performance motor, made of by neodymium iron magnetic tile, the performance may improved 5%-10%
    2.PCB board used 9806 high-end chip, provided stable performance and long lifespan ensure strong guarantee on the servo
    3.used high quality stable potentiometer
    4.connecting line used high quality silicon material, with profession welding, caused whole structure  safe and durable

  • performance
    1: Due to the use of customized high-performance motors, coupled with the optimization of their output gears, the steering gear output is better.
    2: The gears are made of Japan’s Hamai drilling machine, and the gears are combined to ensure the overall output efficiency.
    3: High-quality electronic components guarantee various electrical characteristics
    4: Well-designed production process and strict quality system provide a strong guarantee for product quality.


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